Capacity Building

Refugee Health Development

Navigating the health care system is complex and QPASTT provides additional support to newly arrived families around how to access health care. This work also focuses upon building capacity within health care services to support the health needs of people from a refugee background.

African Community Capacity Strengthening

Using community development and community strengthening approaches, QPASTT works with many communities from Africa to contribute to community efforts to build stronger communities to address issues and concerns.

Families in Cultural Transition (FICT) is a FASSTT agencies’ model for providing information and promoting cross-cultural discussion for newly arrived refugee communities to assist with settlement and wellbeing. It is a community development approach of working alongside a community with the support of a bi-cultural worker to consult, facilitate and organise a series of group sessions with community members around settlement issues e.g. household budgeting, families, gender, housing, employment, immigration issues and trauma. The objectives are to assist participants to:

  1. Understand the values and ideas that underpin Australian society and institutions, including their rights
  2. Develop information-gathering skills relevant to their new context
  3. Understand that within families, men, women, children and adolescents may have different experiences of, and responses, to their new environment
  4. Anticipate and develop strategies for managing the impacts of trauma and cultural transition upon families
  5. Re-establish social connection.
The Whole of School Approach

QPASTT works in partnership with schools to identify training and support needs. Our workers offer support around: school policies and procedures; school organisation and ethos; curriculum and program development; partnerships with parents and community as well as partnership with other agencies. The Whole of School Approach is a method of working supported by a suite of programs and initiatives developed by Foundation House.

In this capacity building work QPASTT aims to:

  1. Promote a supportive school environment for refugee students and their families
  2. Nurture the mental health and wellbeing of refugee students
  3. Enhance student’s educational outcomes
  4. Promote social connectedness between refugee families and the school community

For more information about the Whole of School Approach download the brochure. If you would like to contact QPASTT to deliver an information session to school staff please see our training request form for schools.

The Whole of School Approach is a method of working developed by Foundation House, based on the publication ‘School's In for Refugees: Whole-School Guide to Refugee Readiness’ (Updated 2007) Download it for free here.  

QPASTT has developed and collated a number of resources suitable for use by schools.