Children, Youth and Family Programs

The Youth Program

The youth program is open to young people of high school age and up to 24 years and runs out of the Yeronga and Toowoomba offices. With a strong community development focus, the program’s primary objective is to promote connections to community, culture, family and peers. All activities are free of charge . The program includes; Individual Counselling and Advocacy, Homework Club, Open Youth Space, School Holiday Activities, School Outreach, Group Workshops, Training and, a suicide and self-harm prevention program called NEXUS.

Homework Club

Homework Club is a space where young people can receive homework or project assistance from volunteer tutors. Opening Hours are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm during school terms. No referral form is needed to attend but youth workers are available to introduce the young person to tutors and the facilities and can be alerted to welcome a new attendee.

Find out about volunteering as a tutor at the QPASTT Homework Club.

School Holiday Activities

A range of recreational activities are offered to young people during the school holidays. Parent/Guardian permission forms need to be completed and returned to the Youth Team at QPASTT  either prior to or on the day of the activity. To wee current or upcoming activities go to the Events Calendar.

School Outreach

Youth team members visit schools with students from refugee backgrounds, to provide information, support and advocacy to students and staff. Our Youth Support Coordinator (YSC) visits Sunnybank SHS, Coorparoo SHS and Nyanda SHS.  Weekly individual information sessions are held with young people at Milpera SHS, and outreach counselling happens at a variety of schools including Kedron SHS and Yeronga SHS.

Group Workshops and Consultations

A range of skill development, psycho-educational, practical and creative workshops and consultations are run on a needs basis. Group workshops can be run at QPASTT, in schools, or in community settings by youth workers and sometimes in partnership with schools, community organizations and community leaders.

NEXUS - Youth Suicide Prevention Program

NEXUS is a suicide prevention program for young refugees aged 12-24 years in Brisbane and Toowoomba.  The program aims to promote wellbeing and build resilience in young people by increasing three major preventative factors against suicide in young people –connectedness, locus of control and perceived academic performance.  It involves a series of school and employment related and recreational activities, peer support and developmental groups, identification, monitoring and counselling of at-risk individuals and training of school staff and community members in identifying and referring those who are at risk of suicide.

RAW Evolution Program

QPASTT has formed a partnership with Impact youth crime limited to deliver the RAW Evolution program with groups of boys from refugee backgrounds, at select primary and high schools.  The program aims to provide practical life-skills to at-risk young people in an experiential environment using physical exercises.  Topics covered include growing up and adulthood, bullying, life goals, desires and conflict resolution by using physical exercises related to self-control, simple self-defence, and effective communication techniques.  The aim is  to instil confidence in participants which is respectful of others and encourages a positive future where participants become aware of purpose and motivation in their life. The program is delivered one hour a week for 15 weeks.

Stronger Families Workshops

Intergenerational conflict, family breakdown and loss of culture are important issues to refugee families.  QPASTT offers workshops where individuals, parents and carers can discuss issues of concern to them, share ideas and develop strategies around parenting with a strong and proud ethnic identity.  These workshops can comprise 8 sessions of 3 hour duration or can be flexibly adapted to suit the needs of clients, communities and/or agencies.

Rainbow Program

The Rainbow Program, developed by Foundation House in Victoria, targets children aged 9-12 years from refugee backgrounds attending primary schools.  It is a school-based approach designed to be offered by schools in partnership with QPASTT. Its main aim is to make a positive contribution to the settlement of children from refugee backgrounds.  The program includes:

• An 8-10 session structured group program for children, designed for delivery either as a small group format or as part of a classroom program.

  • Two sessions for parents, designed as an adjunct to the core children’s component.
  • A program briefing session and professional development component for teachers
  • The children’s component is an interactive program which aims to help participants develop the personal skills and attributes known to help them settle in Australia, including:
  • Positive self esteem
  • A sense of trust and belonging
  • A positive identity and integrating both their past experiences and culture of origin with their new life and culture in Australia
  • A positive sense  of their future
  • An ability to recognise, understand and deal positively with emotions, thereby enhancing their capacity to form relationships and to deal with personal challenges during their re-settlement


Contact workers from the Children’s Program for more information or download a free copy of the Rainbow Program